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Avalon Residential Home is one of the three residential homes run by Arti Care Homes Ltd, Hertfordshire. 
Avalon Residential Home, 17 Barnwood Road,
Gloucester GL2 0RZ, Tel: 01452 417400

AVALON RESIDENTIAL HOME offers secluded front and rear gardens and a large patio area with garden furniture for the Residents’ use.

Locally, Residents can find shops to suit most needs, Chemist, Library, Doctors, Dentist, Opticians, general Hospital, small parks with the large stores and facilities only a few minutes away in the City Centre. Motorway access is nearby for trips further afield. The local bus service runs regularly and fare stages for both to a from the town are only a few yards away from the house. Car service can be arranged for those unable to cope with public transport.

The current Manager is trained in meeting requirements and trained in dealing with diseases in older people such as Dementia, Palliative Care, as are all of the staff that work here. Staff at Avalon have a flexible approach to meeting all your needs and to help you to retain your own privacy and to respect your every wish. Staff at Avalon are available 24hrs a day, with two waking night staff and three staff during the day.

The home has a contract with Gloucester Social Services and provides rooms for Residents funded by them. Rooms are also available for self funded Residents.


We are a small home with 20 single rooms, all with en suite facilities. 5 of these were added recently and they have additional shower facilities.

Although we are not a nursing home, we can cater for Residents with some degree of illness or disability.

We will be pleased to provide furnishings where Residents are unable or do not wish to bring their own. there will be no extra charge for this.

Residents should feel free to bring selected items of furniture and personal possessions for their rooms and the proprietor will be happy to discuss this with prospective Residents.

Meals may be taken in the dining room or in the Resident’s bedroom, according to personal preference. Flexibility of meal times can be arranged.

Tasty, attractively present meals are provided daily. Specific dietry needs are catered for and drinks are provided by the Staff on request, at any time day or night.

Residents may return their own G.P. if local or arrangements can be made to register with a G.P. of their choice. Help with selection can be given to those Residents new to the area.

Avalon has a visiting Chiropodist, Optician and Dentist. Residents retain their right to NHS facilities.

Visiting Hairdresser, newspaper and personal shopping services are available. Please speak to a member of staff if you require this to be set up.

Prospective Residents are initially offered a day visit (free of charge), followed by a months trial period to ensure that the home is able to meet individual clients needs.

In the event of a visit being impracticable, a visit to the Resident’s own home can be arranged, to answer any queries and assess the type of individual care necessary.

There is open visiting, and visitors are asked to sign in and out.

Towels and bed linen are provided, Resident’s personal clothing is laundered on the premises free of charge. All clothing must be marked with the Resident’s name and be machine washable.

The home encourages the Residents to take an interest in the development of the services available to them within the residential home. Regular meetings are held between Residents and senior staff at the home, enabling the Resident to voice their opinions about the service provided.

Residents representatives are most welcome to come and view the home for suitability for their loved ones. To arrange a visit or for more information and advice on the home and what to do next please call Lee on 01452 417400.

+ Dementia Care at Avalon

At Avalon Residential Home, our aim is to provide our residents with high quality, person-centred care. Our approach aims to see residents with dementia as individuals, rather than focusing on their illness or lost abilities. We take into account each individual’s unique qualities, abilities, interests, preferences and needs. And our main priority is treating residents with dignity and respect.Each resident with dementia has their own individual care plan, which summarises how staff can encourage and maintain the unique strengths of the person with dementia while meeting his or her needs for support. This plan is reviewed at regular intervals.

Staff at all levels have received training in how to care for people with dementia and have received a Dementia Care Level 2 qualification. This enables them to understand the difficulties in communication that a person with dementia may face, and to help them express their wishes and needs.

At Avalon Residential Home, the personal dignity and privacy of all our residents are respected at all times. We understand that people don’t lose their right to take part in decisions about their lives just because they have dementia, or because they have moved into a care home. Our residents are included in plans and decisions about their care, and helped and supported to make choices. Whether it is choosing food, clothes or activities, their likes and dislikes should be taken into account fully. We also see relatives and close friends as playing an important role in complementing the support and care offered by the home.

Residents with dementia are encouraged and supported in maintaining independence within their capabilities and our staff are dedicated to helping residents maintain existing interests.

The care team also create opportunities for residents to spend time together and get to know each other through a wide variety of social opportunities.
We also encourage residents to bring in some of their own furniture and possessions to aid their transition to a new environment and maintain a sense of familiarity, which is particularly important for residents with dementia.

Residents with dementia are also encouraged to maintain relationships with people outside the care home. Just because a person has entered a care environment, this should not mean the end of many of the familiar routines that have helped shape their day.

Our staff ensures that residents are able to spend time outdoors. Regular exercise, fresh air and natural light are important for a person’s well being. We encourage residents to be active and do things that give them pleasure.

At Avalon Residential Home there is always a member of staff available to talk to the person with dementia, their friends or relatives about any worries they have. Our staff is supported at all times by the care home manager, who is also a dementia link worker with the south west care home support group.

Avalon Residential Home,
17 Barnwood Road, Gloucester GL2 0RZ

Tel: 01452 417400

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